EarthFair in Balboa Park

04/27/2014 - 10:00am
04/27/2014 - 5:00pm

Come join the San Diego Greens at the 25th Annual Balboa Park EarthFair.

We will be polling the public at our booth about topics that the Green Party focuses on and our theme for this year is "Stop the War on Drugs; Legalize Marijuana." 

ENDING THE WAR ON DRUGS, in this case marijuana;
is important due to the failure of the criminalization of marijuana and the
evil consequences of this mis-guided effort.
Over 20 million Americans have
been arrested for marijuana offenses since 1965. The time has come to
amend criminal prohibition and replace it with a system of taxation,
regulation, rehabilitation and education.

 The criminal prohibition of marijuana causes
tax payer money to be poured into the prison and judicial
and, in a discriminatory way, it criminalizes
whole groups of society that are not criminals. Instead of wasting our 
resources in a vain attempt
to prevent the use of marijuana, proper policy should
be put in place for
a regulated market so that our government
profits and not the drug dealer. By legalizing marijuana, we can
put an end to the vicious cycle of
violence and criminalization that is wasting lives.

The Green Party booth will be on El Prado between the Museum of Man and Plaza de Panama.

      April 27, 2014

      10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Come by and pick up a reusable shopping bag:

Green Party of California Endorses Cannabis Hemp Legalization Initiative of 2014

Home Vote Results History Contacts Admin

GPCA Standing General Assembly Voting
Ranked Choice Vote ID 33
Ranked Choice Vote GPCA position on California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014
Type Secret Ballot
Number of Seats 1
Ranked Choice Vote Administrator Mike Feinstein
Phase Closed
Votes Votes Received
Voted 51
Abstain 2

53 Total Votes Received from 17 Counties

Presens Quorum 13 - 0.5001 of 25 Accredited Counties


Votes: 49 Endorse, 1 Vote No Position, 1 vote Oppose, 2 abstentions  (96.1%) to endorse

April Monthly Meeting

04/26/2014 - 11:30am

­­­­­The San Diego County Green Party will hold it's next monthly meeting on April 26th at the Joyce Beers Center at 11:30 AM. We will be discussing our plans for a booth at the upcoming EarthFair in Balboa Park. This meeting is open to the public and visitors are welcome. 

When: April 26, 2014

Time: 11:30 AM

Where: Joyce Beers Community Center, Hillcrest, San Diego (near the Trader Joe's)  MAP

Calforina Green Party Candidates for State Offices 2014

Luis Rodriguez for Governor of California

Vote Green Party in 2014

Los Angeles author and activist vies for Governor’s office as Green Party candidate

LOS ANGELES, CA – Nationally renowned author Luis J. Rodriguez has announced his intention in running for California Governor under the Green Party in 2014. The Green Party of California will nominate its June 2014 Gubernatorial candidate this November at its bi-annual statewide General Assembly. As a newly registered Green Party member of California and the 2012 Vice-Presidential Nominee for the Justice Party alongside running-mate and former mayor of Salt Lake City Rocky Anderson, Luis’s plan is for a campaign aimed at the wellbeing of all Californians – for meaningful and livable jobs; education/training into the new digitally driven technology; green, clean and healthy neighborhoods for everyone; and peace and safety through restorative, transformative and healing urban peace models. (for more)

For more information about the campaign please see: Campaign Webpage

Facebook page YouTube interview Independent Political Report article


David Curtis for Secretary of State

From the proposed David Curtis Platform:

Political reforms:

Revoke Prop 14, the top two primary.

Debates must be public and include all balloted candidates.

Get Money out of Politics: Enact Public campaign financing like Maine and Arizona.

Increase the number of seats in the state legislature.

Proportional representation. All parties at the legislative table.

Automatic voter registration at age 18.

Facebook Page YouTube Statement Campaign Webpage


Laura Wells for Controller

Women and people of color have proved they deserve to be at the decision-making table. In the Green Party, respect for diversity is a key value. Unlike the business-as-usual parties, our statewide slate puts this value into practice. As Controller, I pledge to Follow The Money. I will report my findings to the people so we can regain control of our finances. Californians want great schools. Instead we’ve seen our wealthy state become a low spender on education while the very wealthy get richer through big contracts for prisons. In 25 years, despite the values of the people, California built 21 new prisons and only 2 new universities. When people voted for Proposition 13 in 1978, they wanted to reduce their taxes, especially so fixed-income seniors would not be forced out of their homes. Since then a large share of the benefit has gone to commercial properties. This is not how the proposition was promoted, and not what voters intended. First-time homebuyers have been hurt, while giant corporations have profited. As Controller I will apply Green Party values of social justice and community-based economics and audit these betrayals so the public can correct the situation. With 25 years experience in administration and financial systems, I’m ready to be Controller. We can unite and make our efforts count, while living happier lives. To understand what’s going on, Follow The Money. To know what to do, ask critical questions and Follow Your Heart.

Campaign Webpage  Facebook


Ellen Brown for Treasurer

Ellen Brown is an attorney, president of the Public Banking Institute, and author of twelve books including the bestselling Web of Debt. In The Public Bank Solution, her latest book, she explores successful public banking models historically and globally. Her blog articles are at She is currently running for California State Treasurer on the Green Party ticket on a state bank platform.

Facebook Campaign Webpage


Green Party Platform

Build a Democratic Society

Democracy is government by and for the people, not corporations. Enact electoral reform through public campaign financing and provide access to government for third parties by implementing Instant Runoff Voting and Proportional Representation. Democracy requires open media that represents all viewpoints. The Greens oppose corporate dominance of U.S. media.

Corporate Reform

Mandate corporate accountability and end the scandal of corporate personhood. Make corporations pay their fair share of taxes and stop corporate flight to off-shore tax havens. End corporate welfare. Eliminate trade treaties like NAFTA and implement fair trade treaties that protect communities, business, labor, the environment, and national sovereignty.

National Security, Military, and Foreign Policy

Crimes against humanity must be dealt with in accord with international law and without violating or curtailing civil rights. Peace can be attained through diplomacy, commitment to human rights, and by reducing the gulf between the rich and the poor. End weapons sales to repressive governments, and demand compliance with UN resolutions as a starting point for peace negotiations. Reduce expenditures for offensive weapons and pay military personnel a living wage. Commit funds to humanitarian, not military aid.

Education and Health Care for all Americans

Fund public education, provide better salaries for teachers, and ensure equal access to resources for all. The Greens oppose privatization of our schools. Too many Americans lack health insurance: the Greens' single payer universal health care plan will not only provide care for all, it will save money and save lives. Provide full funding for, and guarantee access to, all reproductive health and family planning services.

Environmental Sustainability

Turn the tide of global warming and assure a safe, uninterrupted supply of energy by drastically reducing fossil fuel use and supporting production of decentralized, renewable energy sources. Enact strong conservation measures, including meaningful automobile fuel efficiency standards. Greens advocate public transportation and smart growth that reduces sprawl. The Green Party opposes patenting of genetically engineered life forms.

Living Wage and Labor Rights

Enact living wage laws so all full-time workers are above the poverty line. Guarantee affordable housing for low-income families and individuals. Protect workers' right to organize. Develop jobs programs and an inviolable social safety net to protect people during low points in the economic cycle.

Social Justice and Civil Rights

End the failed War on Drugs and fund prevention and treatment. Abolish the death penalty and limit the Three Strikes law to violent crimes. End racial profiling and the buildup of the prison industry complex. Protect reproductive freedom and guarantee a woman's right to choose. The Greens advocate equal rights for all sexual orientations, including the right to marry. The Green Party of the United States is the only political party that supports reparations for slavery.

We welcome all Californians who share the Green vision. Join us in creating a new politics!

San Diego Greens

­* The Green Party of San Diego County (GPSD) is the local chapter of the Green Party. Our goal is to achieve electoral gains and to implement electoral and social reform to reverse the immense role big corporations and money play in current US politics. Working for sustainable ecology, universal health care coverage, electoral reform, a living wage, responsible foreign policy, reform of the prison industry, we provide an alternative to the current duopoly in government.

* The Green Party of San Diego County (GPSD) is operated solely by volunteers and our strength lies in our Local groups that work within their community. We also have county-wide working groups that bring members of various locals together and coordinate our efforts. We reorganized in January 1999 and have been growing since. Our focus is on building our active Green membership and infrastructure to prepare for major electoral campaigns and community projects. In addition, we are beginning countywide campaigns on electoral reform for the next two years.

* The Green Party of San Diego County (GPSD) is affiliated with the Green Party of California at the state level and with the Green Party of the United States at the national level.

Mission Statement:

The Green Party of San Diego County (GPSD) will establish a Green presence in San Diego County politics and policy debate and will affect progressive change in accordance with the Ten Key Values and the Green Party of California (GPCA) platform. To achieve this, the GPSD will focus on growth and party-building, educating the community on issues and Green Party positions, with a strong emphasis on achieving electoral reform and running local candidates.

Structure and Meetings:

As the local chapter of the California State Green Party,­ GPSD consists of general members who are registered Greens in San Diego County (about 7,231 as of Oct. 2010). Our active members include registered voters and activists, all volunteers, working to promote the 10 key values in our community and supporting local candidates who volunteer to run for political office. To become a voting member of the GPSD and affect decisions on policy, elect GPSD delegates or endorse candidates, you must be registered Green and have attended at least one meeting of the general membership within the last 12 months.

GPSD Logo:

The Green Party of San Diego County logo is a line drawing of the Historic Lighthouse at the Cabrillo Monument with the image of a radiant sunflower in the background.

The lighthouse represents the Green Party's desire to become the beacon to lead the community into the Green safe harbor where community and political activism can flourish. The sunflower is used as a symbol by many Green parties around the world. In March 1983, 27 newly elected Die Grünen (Green) members of the West German Parliament, the Bundestag, entered the parliament building wearing bright colors and carrying sunflowers. The sunflower, which grows rapidly and produces many seeds, became the symbol of the new party. Pictures of the event were carried in the media around the world and helped inspire others in the U.S. and other places to begin organizing green movements in their own countries.
(The lighthouse was originally drawn by Robin Waayers. The sunflower was added by Tammy Tatum)

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